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Nearly every light fixture one finds in the market will include some metal components. Metal is a popular choice for pendant and wall mount framing because of its strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike some other materials, it will hold its form for years to come.

When metal becomes the central element in a lamp, a lot of wonderful looks can happen. Different metals are defined by a characteristic look and touch. Think of what you associate with the look of brass, and compare it with your thoughts about aluminum, wrought iron, or copper.

Metal can be textured or smooth, natural or finished in a vibrant color, which makes it especially versatile. It can look like something from the blacksmith’s shop or straight off the International Space Station. The smoothness in texture and form you can get with a cylindrical metal shade is unmatched for adding a futuristic feel to any mid-century lamp.

Gordon Bullard & Co as well as other companies we work with use only high-quality, long-lasting metal types, such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Brass. Our Metalwork finishing capabilities encompass hand finishing and grinding, galvanic finishing, electro polish, 24 carat gold, silver, copper, brass and nickel electroplating and a full painting capabilities.


Aluminum alloys are easier to work with than steel or aluminum offering more flexibility in shaping, fabricating, and painting. . As outdoor lighting becomes more curated and developed in the high-end design world aluminum’s demand continues to rise. Aluminum can be anodized for outdoor durability and waterproofing. Aluminum is also a fantastic heat absorber for high-output light fixtures. Naturally drawing heat out of the core of the fixture, aluminum serves as the best vehicle in keeping fixtures at manageable temperatures.


Stainless Steel offers completely corrosive free qualities and high tensile strength Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by a layer of chromium oxide and can be finished from a dull grey finish to a hand grinded designs to a complete mirror finish. We often use stainless steel for our outdoor work due to these qualities.


Aged, antique brass is the latest trend for adding a vintage, edgy vibe to your home. Used as an eye-catching accent, brass adds a luxurious touch to any room. It can be integrated into warm and white rooms, and it can even add an extra pop in rooms with darker tones. Use brass when you want the light fixture to be noticed and eyes to be drawn to the metal finishes.

Oxidizing Metals – Corten Steel, Copper, and other Alloys that age over time and continually change with the environment though often difficult to work with we have extensive resources working will all alloys.


Nickel has a subtle gray color which pairs well with almost any color scheme or room theme. Nickel comes in two finish options: polished and satin. Polished nickel is comparable to chrome because it possess similar reflective, mirror-like qualities. Polished nickel can perfectly compliment a room with a dark color scheme.

Meanwhile, satin nickel is known for its longevity. Satin nickel can easily be transitioned into different designs and room updates, while polished nickel is more difficult to carryover. For example, polished nickel looks great in a room with a dark color scheme, but if in a few years you want to update that room to a bright color scheme, the polished nickel might not work anymore while the satin nickel would have carried over.

Both finishes have their pro’s and con’s, but given nickel’s neutrality you can’t go wrong.


The reflective qualities of chrome make it another eye-catching option. Chrome tends to add lightness and brightness to rooms, and considering how well it pairs with silver and glass decor, it is an extremely practical option. Chrome is usually affiliated with modern furnishings and decorations, however it is just as complementary to traditional and vintage looks.

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