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Manufacturing Management is our ability and experience in managing multiple factories world wide and handling import, quality , design , and ensuring effective delivery and service.

So what are the most important functions of our companys’ manufacturing management?

1. Selection of Product and Design

First of all, our company selects the right product and design for production or distribution. Each product is selected only after detailed evaluation of all the other alternative products. We do our best to not only meet customers’ requirements, but also give him or her maximum value at the lowest cost.

2.Production Planning

Manufacturing management includes production planning. We decide about the routing and scheduling, choosing the quickest, safest and the most economical transportation ways.

3. Quality and Cost Control

Manufacturing management also includes quality and cost control. Quality and Cost Control are given a lot of importance in today’s competitive world. Customers all over the world want good-quality products at the cheapest prices. To satisfy this demand of consumers, our company tries to continuously improve the quality of our products. Along with this, we also take essential steps to reduce the cost of our products.

Gordon Bullard & Co

An extensive design team and over 4200 sales representatives that allow us to develop product starting from a napkin sketch all the way through to the final step of national distribution.