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Gordon Bullard and Company has the pleasure of working with multiple manufacturers from all over the world. Each manufacturer brings a fresh theme of products to the table and allows for a wide range of fixtures that no other company can offer.



Marchetti is a famous Italian company since 1967 custom craftsmanship at its best utilizing glass, crystal, and fine metals with a comprehensive selection of metallic finishes.

Bullard Bollards


A comprehensive collection of Bollards. Security Bollards, Outdoor Bollards, Outdoor Lighting: wall, ceiling, landscape, illuminated furniture and more.

Cerchio Lighting


Cerchio Lighting prides itself on manufacturing and importing the finest collection of specification grade lighting in the world all in the celebration of the “circle”.

Lola Lighting


Lola Lighting is USA manufacturer of lighting. It represents the most comprehensive collection of lighting from different materials to serve a wide variety of lighting purposes. Metal, Fabric, Ceramic, Cement, Glass… Find a light to your taste.



LED TEchnology driven fixtures and panels. Substrate Back lighting, Technical/Decorative Solutions for aesthetic and technology driven architectural applications – ceiling, wall, floor, ingrade.



The Global leader in plaster, gypsum, drywall “incognito” mud in recessed lighting. The first to innovate and the leading global patent holder of “mud in” ceramic based LED fixtures. 9010 has been creating, designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications for over 50 years! ​




Authentic Venetian chandeliers made in Murano, since 1947. Pick the perfect lighting solution for your interior




The main objective goal of the Fisionarte team strives to conceive, develop and produce lighting that showcases the dexterity and expertise of carefully selected Italian designers and master craftsmen.



Braga Illuminazione


“Thirty years experience in lighting” are the guarantee of the high quality and of the professionalism that distinguish “braga illuminazione”. The know-how gained and the traditional processes that go from the design to the finish of the products, allow to create ingenious lamps that match different styles and compromise on elegance and handiness.



Karman ​ is an Italian company creating and producing intriguing, emotional, technologically advanced indoor and outdoor lighting. KARMAN fabricates an array of materials; glass, metal, ceramic, fiberglass, poly plastics, and fabrics. Nothing Like KARMAN in the World but KARMAN!



Company specializes in the design and production of technical outdoor lighting fixtures. Ghidini has focussed its research and development on a vast range of products, integrating into an endless array of residential and commercial spaces. Products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components which guarantee efficiency and performance over time.



Founded in 1966, Lucitalia is an indoor lighting line that quickly became one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products. Collaboration with world famous designers Lucitalia has increasingly specialized in technical decorative lighting suited for both residential and commercial applications offering technical performance and distinctive design.

Atolye Store


As Atolye Store, with the mission of making accessible and modular designs, we continue to work together with both a dynamic young structure and our experienced craftsmen.

As we always say, we are working with all our strength to create quality designs with all our stakeholders, being aware that our work is a team effort. #weareatolye




Established Murano Glass Blower – Most prolific Murano glass company in the World presented in MUVE Murano Museum of Glass. Nothing compares Vistosi is the REAL DEAL of Glass in the World and with 500 hundred years of skills also brings surprising value based on Global demand and comprehensive “Set” collection. Nothing in the World is Like Vistosi but Vistosi!



A modern collection of over 40 different Belgium designers using eclectic material substrates: glass, acrylic, steel, leather, rabbit fur, foam, wood, cork all combined with unique and abstract shapes and surfaces define DARK! Nothing like DARK in the World BUT DARK!



Luxurious lighting that is unique with a highly progressive look, eclectic, almost artistic on light with a great beauty and simplicity. Ilfari products are entirely handmade, manufactured in Europe using the highest quality European glass and crystals from Swarovski, with razor sharp attention to detail. The aim is to give both modern and classic interiors an individual, almost revolutionary, look with designs that play with light just as they play with your imagination.



CASTALDI LIGHTING was founded in 2011 from the merger between “Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione and “Norlight”, two well-established companies in the lighting industry. These Companies had successfully acquired a prominent position respectively in the Outdoor and Indoor segments, with a particular focus on Office Buildings, Retailing, Public areas etc. and on Specialties applications (e.g. Pharma industry, Hospital, etc.). The ceaseless attention to Design is an unfailing strength of Castaldi Lighting products; Top Designers like Piero Castiglioni, Claudio Bellini, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo, Habits worked with the Company for many years.

MM Lampadari


Handmade manufacturing, classic and modern design. MM company’s master of forged iron combine their skills with Murano’s most famous glass factories. Half a century of history, handmade manufacturing’s experience, technical knowledge and aesthetic vision. Murano’s precious blown glasses in endless shades of color, bright golden leads inserts and small Swarovski’s crystals, skillfully combined. To go beyond excellence, they only use the best raw materials.


Czech Republic

Founded in 2012, Bomma continually brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels.Bomma emphasis on contemporary design, outstanding glass quality and detail brought them many awards and world-wide recognition in a surprisingly short period of time.



Knowhow backed by 25 years of research and development. Every lamp is unique and recognizable, thanks to our technopolymers; noble, unbreakable materials that can be shaped into various decorative forms. 100% Handmade in Italy.

Gordon Bullard & Co

An extensive design team and over 4200 sales representatives that allow us to develop product starting from a napkin sketch all the way through to the final step of national distribution.