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Gordon Bullard and Company has the pleasure of working with multiple manufacturers from all over the world. Each manufacturer brings a fresh theme of products to the table and allows for a wide range of fixtures that no other company can offer.



Italian craftsmanship at its best utilizing glass, crystal, and fine metals. There are many finishes to choose from. Thanks to a modern and efficient industrial plant, including an impressive finishing department and epoxy powder coating oven baked at 180, the company’s creations have technically advanced color effects. An important detail: the galvanic finish with 24k gold and 1000 silver, is also made on 316 stainless steel for marine environments.

Cerchio Lighting


Cerchio Lighting prides itself on manufacturing and importing the finest collection of specification grade lighting in the world all in the celebration of the “circle”. Comprehensive collection of Architectural, Technical, and Decorative lighting delivering flexibility of customization. Cerchio Lighting manufacturers from all mediums with specialty in Murano glass, metal fabrication, and crystals.

Bullard Bollards


The most comprehensive collection of outdoor and indoor Bollards offered in the architectural lighting business all under one roof, nationally and globally sourced. We also design and manufacture custom projects.



Turn Key Backlighting Solutions for architectural and design applications. Lighting solutions include LED Panels and LED Strips. Architectural substrates include fabric, thin high-tech stone, Murano Glass acrylic, resin, elevator kits, plate glass and laser cut metal panels..



Karman is an Italian company producing indoor and outdoor lighting. It was founded in Fossombrone, in the heart of Italy’s Marche region in 2005, from the creative insight and entrepreneurial spirit of Davide Diamantini. The roots may be Italian, but the company itself has a strong vocation for operating on international markets, where its products are distributed with ever-increasing success.

Axis 71

Belgium and Italy

Axis 71 brilliantly executes a perfect balance between cutting edge European design and leading LED technology. Based in both Belgium and Italy the company offers two complementary design genres while leveraging the continuous advancement of LED technology. Axis71 offers a complete Collection in both decorative and technical lighting ; however, more importantly executes the convergence of these two aspects of lighting and thus creating one of the finest ” Technical Decorative ” Collections in the world. Axis 71 welcomes custom changes to products in addition to custom design and manufacturing.



Several generations of artisan glass makers complemented by over 25 designers create the finest glass work in the world. Italian craftsmanship at its best utilizing glass, crystal, and fine metals, complemented by an in house metal fabrication department. The company’s creations have technically advanced color effects. In addition to painted finishes the company boast an internal galvanic metal finish department allowing true metal plating of with 24k gold, copper, silver, and many other metallic finishes.



A modern collection of over 40 different designers and eclectic use of materials including such substrates as glass, acrylic, steel, leather, rabbit fur, foam, wood, cork and many other materials combined with unique and abstract shapes and surface define DARK.



For half a century 9010 have been creating, designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Their deep knowledge of raw materials, combined with passion, creativity and love for their work are the characteristics that make 9010 unique.

Shady Lighting


Shady Lighting is USA manufacturer of shade lighting. It represents the most comprehensive collection of shade lighting from different materials to serve a wide variety of lighting purposes. Metal, Fabric, Ceramic, Cement, Glass… Find a Shade to your taste.



Luxurious lighting that is unique with a highly progressive look, eclectic, almost artistic on light with a great beauty and simplicity. Ilfari products are entirely handmade, manufactured in Europe using the highest quality European glass and crystals from Swarovski, with razor sharp attention to detail. The aim is to give both modern and classic interiors an individual, almost revolutionary, look with designs that play with light just as they play with your imagination.



Company specializes in the design and production of technical outdoor lighting fixtures. Ghidini has focussed its research and development on a vast range of products, integrating into an endless array of residential and commercial spaces. Products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components which guarantee efficiency and performance over time.



Founded in 1966, Lucitalia is an indoor lighting line that quickly became one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products. Collaboration with world famous designers Lucitalia has increasingly specialized in technical decorative lighting suited for both residential and commercial applications offering technical performance and distinctive design.



CASTALDI LIGHTING was founded in 2011 from the merger between “Ing. Castaldi Illuminazione and “Norlight”, two well-established companies in the lighting industry. These Companies had successfully acquired a prominent position respectively in the Outdoor and Indoor segments, with a particular focus on Office Buildings, Retailing, Public areas etc. and on Specialties applications (e.g. Pharma industry, Hospital, etc.). The ceaseless attention to Design is an unfailing strength of Castaldi Lighting products; Top Designers like Piero Castiglioni, Claudio Bellini, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo, Habits worked with the Company for many years.



DE MAJO IIluminazione was first established at the end of the second world war by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the Lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glassworks on the island of Murano. Right from the first moment, although small in size, thanks to a discerning company strategy committed to product quality, this company played an important role in Murano glassmaking, becoming, in just a few years, a solid and consolidated industry.


The Netherlands

Since their start in 1999, Designer Ferdinand Verbeek & creative sidekick Marike Verbeek have been passionately committed to their great mission: a continuing study of the ultimate light source. Together they aspire to create the most beautiful light that shines on our earth…Clear, efficient and unique, FERROLIGHT Design produces energy efficient lighting that mimics the natural warmth of sunlight captured in sublime minimalist design.



All lamps are crafted in Sweden – manufactured by hand, designed and developed with the greatest attention to precision in detail and material. Rubn builds for grand interiors and everyday living, public and private spaces. Rubns mission is to give the customer the joy of experiencing harmony between material, design and functionality. They honor aesthetics, durability, function and quality.



The Vesoi Project was born of the synergy between their companies technology and the creativity of professionals and students of architectural studies. Man-made is the soul of their work with intelligence, and passion being the fuel of their lighting projects ~ Mindmade design.

MM Lampadari


Handmade manufacturing, classic and modern design. MM company’s master of forged iron combine their skills with Murano’s most famous glass factories. Half a century of history, handmade manufacturing’s experience, technical knowledge and aesthetic vision. Murano’s precious blown glasses in endless shades of color, bright golden leads inserts and small Swarovski’s crystals, skillfully combined. To go beyond excellence, they only use the best raw materials.



MULTIFORME® is an Italian company specialized in handmade lighting for over 700 years. The company operates autonomously thanks to its technical department and internal production. MULTIFORME® can develop and follow articulate projects, offering high standard solutions at technical, functional and aesthetic level, producing chandeliers in blown Murano glass, classic chandeliers, modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, custom chandeliers.


Czech Republic

Founded in 2012, Bomma continually brings the traditional Czech glassmaking craft to new and dynamic levels.Bomma emphasis on contemporary design, outstanding glass quality and detail brought them many awards and world-wide recognition in a surprisingly short period of time.

Gordon Bullard & Co

An extensive design team and over 4200 sales representatives that allow us to develop product starting from a napkin sketch all the way through to the final step of national distribution.