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Gordon Bullard & Co is aware of the importance of usage of eco-friendly and recycled products, that is why we developed a series of products utilizing 100% recycled plastic material that has over a 30 year color fade warranty as well as lifetime structural integrity.Each material has its advantages. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks.

Wood, for example, is visually attractive, but it cannot assert itself against rain and cold. Only time-consuming maintenance helps against decay. Concrete, however, is very durable, but it is also difficult to transport. It is simply too heavy for many applications. Besides, concrete gets water marks over the years, and begins to flake. Steel, in turn, is flexible, and can be used for various things, if not for the corrosion! And stainless steel has its price. This also applies to new plastics, where the ecological balance sheet is also devastating.

And then there’s Gordon Bullards’ recycled plastic made products.

Unlike wood or steel, the weather cannot harm it. Gordon Bullards’ recycled made products are also easy on the back and the purse, in other words: it is lighter than concrete and cheaper than stainless steel. But above all, virtually any product can be made out of this high-tech material. Due to its individual composition can be adapted to any application.

So what makes Gordon Bullards’ recycled made products ECO-friendly?!

  • Produced without preservatives
  • Reduces the strain on landfills, is sustainably environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable in the material cycle
  • Awarded the “BLUE ANGEL” eco-label
    Water neutral
  • Non-toxic (safe according to DIN 71, Section 3 Playground Regulation)

Gordon Bullard & Co

An extensive design team and over 4200 sales representatives that allow us to develop product starting from a napkin sketch all the way through to the final step of national distribution.