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Art of Global Distribution:

As our company became more global it became important for us to improve distribution to ensure that customers and all members of the distribution channel are happy.

Depending on the length of the distribution channel there can be many people involved in product distribution, so we are trying to control, manage and satisfy them all.

We have an extensive network of manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Therefore, we also have effective logistics and distribution partners allowing the transport and delivery of one light fixture that is 80 feet long to over 100,000 light fixtures that are one foot long each delivered to one location or hundreds of different locations. Our Company has many National accounts in the hospitality industry delivering defined quantities to specific locations in all 50 states.

Gordon Bullard & Company is a Bonded Importer of Record of the United States, Mexico, and Canada and a registered company with Homeland Security for speedy and efficient importation of product and final shipping to any location in North America and Mexico.

What do we do in terms of Distribution Management?

  1. Packaging: Providing adequate packaging for a product so it can be transported safely.
  2. Inventory Management: Maintaining a good level of inventory. Management of inventory is one of the main responsibilities for our distribution management.
  3. Order Processing: Once an order comes in from a customer, we plan for the delivery. This involves collecting the stock, loading it and delivering it in a timely manner. Approval needs to be sent and invoicing done for this step to be valid.
  4. Logistics: Mode of transport is important to consider for all orders. If they require overseas shipping we manage the agreements in place for permits to be approved quickly. Loading and handling need to be decided so that all equipment that could be needed is available onsite.
  5. Communication: Clear communication is needed both on and offsite. We do this to ensure that the correct products are shipped and customers know when they will receive their items. If a shipment is delayed, we notify all interested parties immediately.

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An extensive design team and over 4200 sales representatives that allow us to develop product starting from a napkin sketch all the way through to the final step of national distribution.