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An overview: Rattan all-natural, sustainable, amazing material.

Jan 4, 2021 | News & Articles

An overview Rattan all-natural amazing material

What is Rattan and How it Can Lend an Authentic Look to Your Design

The idea of sustainable living seems to have been picked not only by individuals who have decided to alter all aspects of their life in order to reduce their impact on the environment but also companies that make various sorts of products. Joint efforts have been made to reduce the amount of packaging on our food, the appliances that we are using are becoming more efficient, and our houses have more furniture that is made with natural or recycled materials.

The Scandinavian design traditions have been developed with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind. So it’s no wonder that these traditions have received an international acclaim of the skillful use of minimalistic design elements, light colors, simple accents and use of natural wood. Scandinavian interiors are just one example of simplicity in living but in the modern globalized world, we have a wide array of examples that we can analyze on the international scale and implement them in our homes. Let’s take a look at the tradition of using rattan as a building material for housing, furniture and other household items that originates from Asian countries where this material can be found in excess.

Rattan has been used for many decades for creating hand-woven coffee tables, chairs, sofas and even elements of light fixtures. Just like in the case with Scandinavian designs, the Asian tradition of using rattan for producing interior decoration items has a chance of gaining international popularity. Rattan as a material has already found its place in the model line-ups of such established manufacturers as Cerchio Lighting that is on the point of launching a new cottage industry initiative in Vietnam.

Physical qualities of rattan enable the products made with it to withstand temperature fluctuations, excessive humidity, and wind. Ideally smooth and thin vines with a width of 2 to 7 centimeters are chosen for manufacturing lampshades and other household items. Products made of rattan are characterized by durability, fine looks and light weight. That is why lighting fixtures made of this material are often used when decorating verandas, porches, and terraces. Rattan vines of different colors are intertwined to form intricate patterns that cast unusual shades when the source of light is introduced. The soft diffused light produced by rattan fixtures creates an environment suitable for relaxation, reading and creative tasks. It should also be mentioned that rattan is an affordable material that skillfully combines experimentation with conventionality. It will be a perfect addition to any design where light and airy vibes need to be introduced, ranging from modern to classical style.

Despite the different functional range, all models have a set of common characteristics, such as:

  • Safety: the close location of the rattan and the lighting element in the chandelier structure does not pose a threat to health.
  • Aesthetics: rattan fixtures of all kinds of shades and textures create an opportunity for customizations.
  • Eco-friendliness: rattan is a natural material and is therefore non-toxic.
  • Reliability: metal frames are non-corrosive and highly durable.

Rattan can also be combined with a great variety of materials: glass, bronze, stone, leather, with the aim of creating products that stand out in any interior design project. Cerchio Lighting items are available in different RAL colors and sizes that will make you a proud owner of a custom made light fixture created according to your likes and design cravings.