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The most daring and innovative lighting design projects arise from the lighting designer’s creativity and derive from a thorough knowledge of their sector. To be a good lighting designer, knowing the trends in lighting design is decisive to continuously update and create unique solutions, in harmony with the most current design concepts.In this article, you will find a complete overview of the main trends in lighting design for 2019, containing the latest news in terms of lighting, design and technology. Let’s find out together by analysing each point.

7 major lighting design trends for 2019

Whether it is interior design, architecture or lighting design, every professional in the sector should always be up-to-date on the latest design and lighting innovations, to always guarantee innovative solutions and aesthetic appeal in step with the latest trends. Below you will find the 7 most popular trends of the moment:

  • Modern and minimal: the protagonist styles of 2019
  • Linear lighting and LED light bars
  • LED and sustainability
  • Minimal design, cleaner lines
  • Ductile and performing materials
  • Neutral colours: white, black and grey
  • Evocative shapes and profiles

Let’s analyse them one by one

1. Modern and minimal: the protagonist styles of 2019

The decorative lighting of modern aesthetics and minimal charm has returned in great style, to be part of the furnishing contexts of structures, rooms and private homes, giving a fresh and bold image to any environment.

2. Linear lighting and LED light bars

The current concepts of lighting design go beyond the traditional, reaching new heights in a functional and aesthetic sense.

Linear LED light bars represent the new frontier of decorative lighting.

Compared to canonical vertical suspension lamps, these types of lighting fixtures are among the most popular in the 2019 design trends.

Functionality and style come together to create perfection, shaping the profile of a lamp capable of supporting the extension of each area and enhancing its spatial perception.

To fall in line with the latest design and lighting trends, you could choose LED light bars with anthracite-coloured cotton lampshades. We are talking about an extremely valid solution, able to combine performance and decoration in a synthesis of great aesthetic potential.

3. LED and sustainability

According to what emerged at Euroluce 2019, when it comes to looking for new products and lighting design, sustainability and energy saving solutions are at the top of the list for architects and interior designers. In this sense, the new trends seem to be oriented towards these needs, which is why LED lighting is trending at the moment.

Smart lighting has come a long way in the last decade, allowing users to control the light through their smartphones, saving money by introducing LED bulbs and creating different environments with coloured light.

Over time, homeowners, lighting designers and industry professionals have been turning to LED lighting for its efficiency combined with excellent energy-saving properties.

Another advantage of LED lighting lies in the wide variety of available models, temperatures, styles and finishes. In fact, it is possible to get LED lamps in various colours, brightness, shapes.

4. Minimal design, cleaner lines

As we have already said, minimal and modern styles have come back into style in 2019 and with them, a complete devotion to extreme cleanliness and formal balance.

Two factors that together constitute a winning stylistic combination that rewrites the stylistic dictates of this new season in the name of the latest trends in design and lighting.

Thanks to the designer lamps with contemporary and essential aesthetics, private homes, hotels and restaurants and bars will acquire a more sophisticated and chic image.

5. Ductile and high-performance materials

The advent of new trends in lighting design implies the use of innovative raw materials in perfect aesthetic agreement with the stylistic canons imposed by the latest innovations.

2019 is the year of smart lighting and minimal design that finds full technical and stylistic expression in the use of ductile materials, such as:


A material with an unmistakable material spirit, which guarantees excellent lighting performance.

For example, to ensure light sources with excellent decorative potential and task lighting for bedrooms or passageways in hotels, you could select matte ceramic appliques as well as separate design elements that embody the same stylistic concept.

In this case, the chosen solutions, in addition to decorating the spaces, will give streams of intense light upwards and downwards: features that make this lamp a lighting design element with double functionality and greater decorative presence.

Or, if you want a touch of additional colour using the same model and material you could opt for appliques in matte white ceramic and polished bronze.


Cotton is extremely versatile in technical and aesthetic terms and is used exclusively for making lampshades, guaranteeing soft filtered light, ideal for creating intimate and relaxing atmospheres.


Elegant and timeless, glass is always a yes in the field of lighting design. In its many processes (blown glass, frosted, satin, transparent, jacketed, etc.), this material ensures effective lighting and refined decoration.

To set up the most sophisticated furnishing scenarios, and at the same time stay aligned with this trend, you could choose white glass suspensions composed of diffusers with overlapping rings of different sizes and a curved silhouette. The vitreous material, satin or transparent, instill a sense of softness and results in unique and rarefied atmospheres, always creating new magic with light.


Solid and sturdy, brass is a metal alloy, which incorporates excellent intrinsic qualities, without sacrificing decorative rendering. If you are interested in the aesthetic properties of this material, choose black or white brass and aluminium suspensions.

In addition to ensuring excellent degrees of ambient lighting, this type of lamp is extremely versatile, even in aesthetic terms, adapting itself with style to any furnishing context.


A clean and versatile material, aluminium ensures ample freedom of customisation and finishing, therefore, it is ideal for the creation of designer lamps with a modern and essential taste.

To keep up with this trend, why not select a matte white aluminium applique with a mirror.

At the centre of the frame, this lamp houses a tiny reflective surface that always invites you to admire it. Functionality and decorative lighting combined in a single design solution: practicality and aesthetics guaranteed in equal parts.

6. Neutral colours: white, black and grey

If light can connect emotionally to a place, colour is able to attract and provoke our sensory perception.

Among the newest trends of the moment, unusual and bold colour palettes are inserted, with a more harsh and vibrant tone, such as white, black and grey. They dress the lamp with elegance and emphasise its visual appeal.

If you want to achieve a perfect result and at the same time the current aesthetic lighting design standards, we recommend opting for white matte aluminium appliques.

Solutions that always ensure excellent task lighting without sacrificing style, always sober and sophisticated in harmony with the latest trends. Two aluminium sheets intersect, creating linear and clean geometric shapes.

7. Evocative shapes and profiles

In the field of lighting design, stage presence and visual impact are two decisive prerogatives, able to delineate the decorative potential of the lamp and its stylistic character.

The 2019 lighting design trends see a total reconversion to the essential, an aesthetic belief that while aiming at the abandonment of any ornamental excess, winks at evocative shapes and profiles and does not renounce to innovative design notes.

Sculptural lines and visual references that update the dictates of modern style more boldly.

For your interior design and lighting design projects, you could choose a matte ceramic lamp with an evocative profile, in grey or white. Among the various proposals, you could opt for an applique model with animalistic features made even more vivid by the visual effect of the high relief.

A decidedly original solution, which evades the most traditional lighting design schemes and will perfectly align with the new lighting design trends, adapting to the most refined furnishing contexts.

Lighting design trends: the latest news not to be missed

Staying up to date on the latest design, technology and lighting innovations is fundamental for the realisation of solutions with high functional and aesthetic content.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most popular lighting design trends at the moment.

We advise you to remain as faithful as possible to the latest trends but also bring out your personal stylistic taste.

In this way, you will create unique solutions that bring out your signature style and satisfy the aesthetic and technical requirements of the latest lighting trends.