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Interior lighting design: the most suitable solutions by Marchetti Lighting

Sep 16, 2019 | News & Articles

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Interior lighting design primarily depends on the size of the interior to be illuminated. Surely the lighting must make the environment welcoming, but without having a gloomy result. Let’s see what precautions you should keep in mind in your lighting design project.

The interior lighting reveals the expression of your interiors and is fundamental for transmitting the style and taste of those who live in it, enhancing the various spaces that compose it in a different and appropriate way.

Depending on where you go to place the light, the intensity and the type, you can create plays of light that are aesthetically beautiful, but also functional.

Regarding interior design lighting, based on the idea you have, Marchetti Illuminazione offers you a variety of solutions that can totally change the face of your every room.

How to choose interior lighting of specific design for the various rooms

In the design of an interior, lighting plays a fundamental role, as it determines its practicality, functionality and style.

So, in the design of your interior, turn to interior design lighting with exactly the same importance with which you take care of the other parts of the furniture, which you take into consideration to give each room the specific role you desire.

Let’s see some ideal solutions for each environment, dividing the interior into:

  • Entrance;
  • Living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Corridors;
  • Children bedroom;
  • Bathroom.
  • Going to order, we are going to position the most suitable lights for each area.


The entrance is the part of the interior that welcomes you and your guests, so good interior design lighting must start from the entrance.

To make this possible, don’t save on lighting points: you can look for a single light point, like a suspension lamp with intense light in the center of the entrance, such as the Materica by Marchetti suspension lamp.

Or you can use a series of spotlights circumscribed for that area, perhaps recessed in the ceiling or in a false ceiling or hung in suspension like Incanto by Marchetti which, with its pentagonal design.

It is enriched inside with a pyramid-shaped handcrafted crystal block, worked in ice crystal, with steel parts finished in 24 kt shiny gold or polished nickel.

Living room

Usually, after entering, we come across the living room, which we can find both in open space with the kitchen, and as an autonomous environment.

If there is a table or desk in the living room, this becomes the main point to illuminate: it is important that a direct suspension light falls on the table. For this type of lighting you can direct yourself towards Marchetti suspension lamps as can the Ulaop line: with a unique and innovative design, this collection is born from an idea that initially could have seemed almost utopian, that is to free the light source from the universal constraints of traditional systems existing electrification systems, to break the preconceived schemes, to free the light.

Simple tubular metal structures give life to a series of products: sconces, suspensions and floor lamps, minimal and elegant structures that, like iconic totems suspended in space, are waiting to transfer energy when they are a ring in opal plexiglass that magically lights up and diffuses light into the environment.

This lighting is ideal especially when the table in the living room acts as a dining table, so that you can assure your client that he can see the food he is eating without being disturbed by the play of shadows that the general lighting of the room he creates with his body and with that of his guests.

The same is true even if you do not use the table for meals, but for other uses: a suspension lamp directed at the center of the table will allow you to have the right light to carry out all your activities.

For the other points of the living room you need to light up, the line you need to follow is more scenographic, based on the type of light you use on the table.

If you have opted for a diffusion lamp or for rain light points, which already in themselves are able to lightly illuminate the rest of the living room, then you can play around with the use of more particular and effect light points, such as Glace by Marchetti in steel and glass, with nickel or 24 carat gold finish.
If, on the other hand, the light you used for the table emanates a circumscribed light at that point, then it will be good to orient yourself towards a much more intense ceiling lamp with diffused light to give the right lighting to the rest of the room, like Feeling by Marchetti.

Its original design and its features in striped blown glass, embellished with minimal metal elements, make this installation a stylish choice to illuminate the living room generating wonderful light reflections.


In this area of the interior you have to pay close attention to the lighting, as the kitchen needs functional lighting for the various activities to which this part of the house is destined.

A key point in the kitchen to be illuminated is the piano, although it is often unjustly overlooked. You can illuminate the floor in different ways, but remember that it is not functional to indirectly light it from a diffused light in the center of the kitchen, because it will inevitably suffer the shadowy space created by those who work there, having the light behind them.

The light, therefore, must be directed on the surface: you can choose recessed lights to be installed in the wall units, or you can evaluate a solution using the plasterboard to position the spotlights in the space between the wall unit and the base of the top.

If your kitchen is equipped with an island or peninsula composition, you can install a pendant light point that falls about a meter from the top, like the Band by Marchetti lamp, or the Dome by Marchetti lamp.

As for the dining table, the same advice applies to the living room table: it must be illuminated directly and in full light, so that diners do not create shadows that can be annoying and uncomfortable while eating.



The corridors are service spaces, which serve to displace the various spaces that make up the interior. These spaces require normal lighting, not too strong and not too dim.

If you have furnished these spaces in a sophisticated way, for example with built-in wardrobes, small columns with furnishings and so on to give more luster to the interior, then the ideal solution will be to install simple spotlights that will accompany you along the journey to reach the various environments.

Otherwise, if your hallway furniture is very simple, minimalist, then you can easily orient yourself towards particular and more charming suspensions like Olympia by Marchetti, with a nickel, crystal and 24 kt shiny gold finish.

Or appliqués with designs of a certain importance such as Moule by Marchetti, made up of steel structures that chase each other creating geometric shapes that capture the delicate essence of hand-made blown glass spheres, which light up in the largest shapes and create effects and reflections of light in the smaller forms. The steel parts are finished in shiny 24kar gold or polished galvanic nickel. Moule will by far enhance your space.


The bedroom is a living area, especially in the evening hours, so in those hours when you do not enjoy the natural light of the outside. For this reason, it is good to use for this space lamps with diffused light, so as to install a single light point that is able to adequately illuminate the whole environment.

Alternatively, you can decide to install a series of spotlights here, positioned in such a way as to harmoniously follow the progress of the room and go to illuminate in a widespread way the entire bedroom.

A nice combination of the two solutions is the Tin Tin collection by Marchetti, with satin-finish, black and white galvanic gold finishes, in which two geometric shapes, cylinder for the metal parts and spheres for blown glass, coexist in harmony creating atmospheres which are easily assimilated, giving a modern and innovative design that can give you many ideas for creative and functional lighting.

In addition to these lights, it is good to provide lamps to be placed on the bedside tables to illuminate the area of ​​the bed sectorally, so when your client wants to read a book in bed or in an armchair next to the bed in the evening, he will not run the risk of strain your eyes and find yourself in full visual and emotional comfort.

To this end, you can choose table lamps with a simple and contemporary design by Lumi by Marchetti, with finishes in white, black and satin gold, polished gold and nickel that you can also use as a suspension lamp.

Children bedroom

The bedroom is a very versatile space, which changes with changing periods. Generally it is used as a space for children and, for this reason, it tends to change along with their needs.

A generic tip to adapt to these changes is the installation of a lighting point with diffused lighting in the center of the room, such as the Pura by Marchetti lamp, with possible finishes in white, black, black-white, gold leaf, silver leaf, leaf copper, white-gold leaf, white-silver leaf, black-gold leaf, and from today the new brass finish.


Also in this area you will need to install a spot light in the center of the room, which will illuminate with diffused light, such as the Intrigo suspension lamp by Marchetti, with finishes in white, black and satin gold, which constitutes a structure in steel tubes folded and worked by hand, on which milk white blown glass spheres are inserted.

As for the kitchen, the most important point to illuminate is the top, in the bathroom it is important to illuminate the mirror.

The mirror is of fundamental utility for women for make-up and for men for shaving, therefore it must enjoy a cold and intense light, but without reflections that could annoy the eyes, creating a very annoying effect as well as not at all functional.

For this purpose it can be suitable to install the Luna R2 by Marchetti lamp above the mirror, a lamp that, thanks to its shape, can illuminate all the space dedicated to the mirror.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can decide whether to install other light points such as spotlights scattered around the walls, or designer appliques such as the wall lamp Balance by Marchetti: very beautiful to see due to its minimal but striking design, the Balance lamp consists of a milky-white blown glass sphere that balances on its structure with a finish in white, black, satin gold or satin copper.

What is the best solution for you?

Those treated in this article are just some of the possible solutions signed by Marchetti Lighting as regards suitable lighting for interior design. It is possible to create truly infinite combinations depending on how the architecture of your interior is structured.

These guidelines will surely be a valid help to give you an idea on how to light your interior and view the high design solutions that Marchetti Illuminazione offers for the various spaces and environments.

However, the most useful advice is always to compare yourself with the ideas of a lighting expert like Marchetti Illuminations and submit your specific case to him, so as to find together the ad hoc solution for your personal needs.