When it comes to restaurants, lighting plays a central role in terms of atmosphere and an optimal view. In the hall used for the reception of guests, it is appropriate to pay due attention to the tables, as well as focal points of central importance.

Illuminating the tables requires special care since the degree of visibility and the mood of the entire room will depend on it.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to illuminate a restaurant table and what factors need to be taken into account when choosing the most suitable lamps.

5 useful tips on the best way to illuminate a restaurant table

To realise the decorative lighting project for the restaurant you’re working on in the best way possible, follow our 5 design tips:

  1. Concentrate the lighting around each table
  2. Evaluate the shape and size of the tables
  3. Choose the lamp model considering the location
  4. Evaluate the type of colour temperature based on the mood you want to create
  5. Use more lighting design solutions

We will now take a look at each point

1. Concentrate the lighting around each table

The tables are the focal points of a restaurant. Here, diners are preparing to eat their meal, expecting excellent visibility and relaxation, completely immersed in a unique atmosphere created through lighting.

Therefore, it is important that each table becomes the centre of your restaurant lighting design project. Concerning the surfaces, each of them must be optimally illuminated with the ultimate goal of ensuring excellent visuals and at the same time creating “a bubble of intimacy”.

Sahara e Gangster

2. Evaluate the shape and size of the tables

Before selecting the models of the lamps to be installed above each table, it is advisable to evaluate the shape and size of the table. This step will help you determine how many decorative lamps you need to use.

For example, the solutions used to illuminate a small table will never be the same as those used to illuminate a long table.

Nevertheless, for long tables, it is always better to opt for a composition of lamps, and for round and rectangular tables, it is more appropriate to select a different number of design solutions.

3. Choose the lamp model considering the location

If the previous step helps you decide how many lamps to choose, considering the location will help you choose the most suitable model to illuminate a restaurant table.

If you are working on an indoor lighting design project for restaurants, then you will have a wider choice, which can range from suspension lamps to ceiling lights, or even appliques.

While as far as outdoor spaces are concerned, the range of possible choices narrows, but you can still opt for viable solutions bringing an added value of style and functionality to your project.

You could choose elegant table lamps or decide to install floor lamps next to each table. The choice depends on the location in question.

Lucilla e Life

4. Evaluate the type of colour temperature based on the mood you want to create

Often, the atmosphere in a restaurant depends on the colour temperature of the lamps. For this reason, we advise you to carefully evaluate the intensity of the light source you wish to use to illuminate each table.

Warm light or cold light?

Warm light sources will create a climate of intimacy and complete relaxation, while cold light stimulates and energises the room’s atmosphere. Make your choice based on the mood your client wants to set for the restaurant.

5. Use more lighting design solutions

To instil a sense of creative variety in the project, use multiple lighting design solutions. It is not mandatory to use the same model of lamp for each table; on the contrary, it is always better to vary and give full rein to one’s aesthetic sense.
Therefore, our advice is to combine different types of lamps, playing with shapes and colours, while always remaining faithful to the concept conceived for setting up the restaurant.

The most suitable Karman lamps to illuminate a restaurant table

Karman’s designer lamps have an innate aesthetic presence and an extremely versatile decorative potential.

The retro charm of each design solution by Karman fits with ease into the most varied interior design projects.

Below, are the best suspension lamps to illuminate a restaurant table, according to Karman:

  • Settenani Collection and Biancaluce
  • Au Revoir
  • Braille e Life
  • Notredame
  • Sahara
  • Gangster
  • Déjà-Vu e Déjà-Vu Nu
  • Kimono and Ululì Ululà
  • Cell
  • Lucilla and Sisma
  • Alibabig

Settenani Collection and Biancaluce: materiality and refinement

The Settenani Collection is a line of lamps, designed by Mateo Ugolini, that shares the same body in rough concrete, but in 7 different shapes. They are ideal for small tables in a sequence to provide direct and intense light.

To complete the collection is Biancaluce, a concrete suspension complemented by a metallic skirt: a touch that makes the composition more graceful.